My name is Anteneh Getachew. I was born on August 19, 1984  in Asella town  which is 175 kms from the capital city. When I was 11 years old, my parents accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savoir. So I had the opportunity of growing up in a church setting and learning to follow Christ.

Starting from my teen age years and up through college and beyond I served God in different ministries such as leading choir, coordinating youth ministry, coordinating high school and college fellowships, teaching and counselling youth and in other church ministries. Serving God through these times had enabled me to discern my calling and to decide where I have to be.  Consequently, I decided to terminate my job in purchasing and supplies management that I had been working at for four years. In August 2011 I joined MK College to improve my qualification to better serve my church and society. In College I served as Vice President of the Students Council during my 3rd year.

In my four years staying at MK College, I have been a beneficiary of so many good things such as, delicious meals three times a day, comfortable dormitory with good toilet and bath room, good library with many advanced books, qualified teachers with practical life, a big compound with clean air and concentration and other good things. These good things have created a good environment for studying and for meeting my purpose in getting knowledge, skills and experiences that have qualified me for my future life and ministry. I can conclude that MK College is an excellent college where I start to think broadly about God and his word, man and the whole universe and specifically where I start to know critically what I am created for. It is a college that introduced me to myself! God bless MK College and its partners!!!

Upon graduation, I had  a plan to join my local church as a fulltime teacher. But unfortunately my local church was not ready to accept my application because of budget. So, I had to return to my former business and served the church  on a part time basis. Currently,  I am serving in Addis Ababa, Kotebe local church in counseling, teaching and coordinating youth programs and  I am also coordinating a fellowship of employees of the organization for which I am working. In addition, I am using different technologies like face book and other social media. I am giving personal counseling services for troubled youth.  — Anteneh Getachew


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