Guest Lecturers Enrich Learning

For MK College, it is a great privilege and blessing welcoming guest instructors, working with them, fellowshipping with them, and learning from them. John and Laurel Buckwalter came to us in January and will stay with us until graduation in May. John is teaching Introduction to Computer Skills for first year students. He also taught Intermediate Computer Skills in a workshop for some of the faculty and staff. Laurel is teaching English to first and second year students. Also she teaches piano and music in English for the students who serve in the choir.

This couple came from Alfred in the western part of New York State. They recently retired from many years of teaching there. John taught biology and chemistry at Alfred State College, and Laurel taught music and piano at Alfred University. Early in their careers they taught for three years (1976-79) at the Bible Academy in Nazareth, Ethiopia. The College especially appreciates those instructors who once sacrificed their time and energy serving in Ethiopia with MKC. May God bless them abundantly both with earthly and heavenly things.

John is glad to come back to Ethiopia after an absence of almost 40 years, and to see and support the amazing growth of the Meserete Kristos Church. He appreciates that the students are friendly, hard-working.. He finds it very satisfying to help them develop computer skills that can be used in their present and future work for the good of the church. Laurel also enjoys her classes finding the students to be respectful, friendly, and helpful. They are eager to improve their English as it gives them access to the many resources available in that language and the ability to communicate in an international setting. — by Henok Tamirat

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