Meserete Kristos College is committed to nurturing on its campus, in its programs, and among its faculty, staff and students these key values:

  1. Faith. We value devotion to the Lordship of Christ in all of life, Submissive obedience to His will, and boldness to action based  on    confidence in his powerful presence and involvement in our lives.
  1. Community. We cherish the Anabaptist vision of a community of Christ’s  disciples governed by non violent love for those outside the faith, committed to live in peace with mutual respect and love within, and practicing justice and fairness in all relationships.
  2. Excellence. We believe our Lord is honored best when we strive for excellence in all that we put our hands to accomplish.  What we do for ourselves  and for each other is also done for Him.
  3. Sacredness of human life. We value persons more than performance of tasks.  Performance should be evaluated in context.  It is an outward indicator of the greater reality of what is going on inside.
  4. Democracy. We believe each person has been endowed with unique gifts by his Creator, and as such has something positive to contribute to the common good. Therefore, democratic attitudes of openness and mutual respect in the living and working environment will empower each to make his/her best contribution towards the good of the whole.
  5. Inclusiveness: Since we value each person as unique and important, there must be no discrimination against any on the basis of ethnicity or gender.
  6. stewardship: As hold that all that we are and all that we have belongs to God. It has only been entrusted to our main agreement as stewards for a short time. After that, we will be accountable to the owner for our stewardship of it.
  7. Servant-hood. As our Lord moved among us as a servant, so we hold servant-hood as the proper stance of every Christian towards his/her  fellow humans,  and the highest and most effective leadership to be that of servant leadership.