In all its endevors, Meserete Kristos College will strive to serve the best interests of these key stakeholder groups.

Church – The Church is the owner of the College, so must be served according to the objectives set for it (the College).

Students – Students are the reason why Meserete Kristos College exists, so the College will seek to serve their best interests in   designing and implementing its programs and by working in a close consultative relationship with the Student Council.

Board – The College Board is the “engine” that drives the College, and the immediate body to which the College is accountable.

Donors – The sustaining donors who make the ministry of Meserete Kristos College possible have a vital and legitimate interest in ongoing operations and in the future direction of the enterprise.

Parents & Families – The College acknowledges that parents, spouses and their children  have a legitimate interest and concern in that they are entrusting their family member to the nurture and   influence of the College, and in many cases investing their resources by paying their fees.

Employers – The College must keep in mind the best interests of the Employers who hire the College’s graduates and have a vital interest in the services provided by the College.

Faculty/Employees – The College appreciates the dedicated and competent services of its faculty & employees. And seeks to honor their commitment to ministry by involving them in planning for the future in current decision making as well as by meeting their needs.

Alumni – The College values its alumni as the ones who go out into the world of work and service to ultimately fulfill its ministry.  They are also its “ambassadors”, the ones who best can make the college’s name known in the regions to attract support any  future applicants.