Meserete Kristos College acknowledges these mandated responsibilities:

Leadership training – The College is responsible to the Church to train its leaders in a doctrinally, practically, and culturally compatible manner.

Institutional relationship – The College is responsible to respect and honor the Church as owner, offer regular programs successfully  grow as the Church’s educational institution, and serve the Church’s interests faithfully.

Academic integrity – The College is responsible to its students to maintain educational quality commensurate with its curricular    objectives and accepted standards of good practice for higher education in Ethiopia, and to seek accreditation for its programs as soon as possible.


Moral integrity – The College has a moral obligation to its     employees to provide fair remuneration; recognition of status,     professional growth incentives, a pleasant working environment, fair treatment, benefits, and job security such as is compatible with its acknowledged core values.

The College also has a moral obligation to respect the wishes of and report its successes and failures to its more than same number  different   foreign donors whose contributions have made them active and  vital partners in this educational enterprise of the Meserete Kristos Church.


Legal integrity The College must fulfill its obligations to the governmental institutions which include paying taxes, registering with the Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Education for anything other than theological education, and keeping our commitment to the Regional Government of  Oromiya to open and operate a multi-disciplined institution of higher learning on the plot supplied by them at Debre Zeit.