Mailing Address:
Meserete Kristos College PO Box 1869,
Debre Zeit, Ethiopia 

Physical Address:
Kebele #5, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Phone Number (s):
Receptionist: [telephone]51-1-437-1455[/telephone]
President: [telephone]251-1-437-1454[/telephone]
Academic Dean: [telephone]251-1-437-1452[/telephone]
Public Relations: [telephone]251-1-437-1458[/telephone]

After-Hours Contact number (s):

  • [telephone]251-1-091-213-4755[/telephone]
  • [telephone]251-1-11-662-6434[/telephone]

Fax Numbers:

  • [telephone]251-1-437-1455[/telephone]
  • [telephone]251-1-550-6141[/telephone]

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Kiros Teka Haddis
Phone: [telephone](251) 11 437 1454[/telephone]
Mobile: [telephone](251) 91 876 7168[/telephone]
Email: [email][/email] 


Academic Dean:
Gishu Jebecha
Mobile: [telephone](251) 91 221 6666[/telephone]
Email: [email][/email]

Dean of Students:
Amdetsion Woldeyes
Mobile: (251) 9116 21 576
Email: [email][/email]

Administration and Finance Head:
Yigezu Birhanu
Phone: [telephone](251) 11 437 1455[/telephone]
Mobile: [telephone](251) 91 168 8906[/telephone]
Email: [email][/email]

Public Relations Office Head:
Teku Kebede
Mobile: [telephone](251) 91 142 1887[/telephone]
Email: [email][/email]

Director of College Advancement:
Carl E. Hansen
Phone in USA: [telephone]540-083-0902[/telephone]
Mobile in Ethiopia: [telephone]091-156-4897[/telephone]
Email: [email][/email]

Elshaday Leouelseged
Phone: [telephone]9251) 11 437 1455[/telephone]
Mobile: [telephone](251) 91-170 0597[/telephone]
Email: [email][/email]

Coordinator of Distance Education:
Tigist Alamirew
Mobile: (251)910082 625
Email: [email][/email]