Nakuma Delessa

Nakuma Delessa came to Meserete Kristos College this past fall with an unusual background.  He came from serving the Holeta Birihane Wongel Baptist Church as chairperson of the elders council, as a preacher,  a prayer coordinator, and a member of the evangelism committee.

Nakuma came with an educational background that includes a degree in Management and a second degree in Cooperative Management..  Further, he had worked on his Doctoral Studies for three years at Jimma University. However, because of his dissatisfaction and the cry of his soul, he withdrew from that study, feeling he needed to join either a seminary or a Bible college.

He was driven by a deep thirst for God’s truth and a profound sense of call to ministry and a great desire to serve God and His people. Nakuma was moved by the words of St. Paul in Colossians 1:25 which says: “I have become its (the Church’s) servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness—the mystery that has been kept hidden….” Nakuma clearly understood that in order to see this verse accomplished in his life, he must study the word of God deeply. As a compass guides someone in the right direction, God’s person must  be protected from false views and guard others from heretical teachings.  So, he decided to search the word of truth, the Bible.

Accordingly, he went to Kenya and attempted to study theology at two colleges.   He was disappointed and returned to Ethiopia.  Now, that he has enrolled in the Meserete Kristos College, he regrets his wandering in a foreign country.

Nakuma appreciates this College. He is impressed with the experienced instructors, the very good teaching, the hospitality provided in the dormitories, the entertaining areas, the meal services and so on. He is impressed with the industriousness of the support staff.

Finally, Nakuma suggests that, because of its ample facilities, the MK College has a great capacity to board many students and develop into a great university. He encourages the College’s owners and friends to work more diligently on promoting it widely so that other denominations would send their trainees. He also encourages the leadership to launch into postgraduate programs.

— Reported by Pastor Teku Kebede

Misgana & Henock

My name is Misgana Alemayehu I grew up in a Christian family in Asebe Teferi. My mother was a strong evangelist. I learned the word of God from my childhood in Sunday school. I participated in different kinds of church programs designed for children. When I was thirteen, in 2005, I was baptized in the Meserete Kirstos local church.

After baptism, I dedicated myself to serve God as a leader in the youth ministry, in the choir and as a Sunday school teacher. While I was serving God in my local church as a part-time minister, I also studied in a secular college.

As I was not a trained and well-educated minster, there was a lack in my life. Day after day my interest increased in the word of God and to know Him more fully. Some of my church friends advised me that it would be better if I joined a seminary to be equipped in the word of God.

Then, with such encouragement, I decided to join seminary and I told everything to my mom. Fortunately she agreed with my idea. Accordingly, I chose to join MK-College because of the recommendation of ministers who knew of it.

Now, I’m a fourth-year student in the Bible and Christian Ministries program with a Community Development emphasis.  In the past three years, I have been taught by scholars who are very knowledgeable and experienced. Plus, the college’s food supply is fair, so I’m safe.  The duration of my stay is blessed, not only because I have made many friends, but because I found a unique special friend. He also graduated from this College and became my spouse! (Do  clap for me !!!). God also is blessing us with a baby, coming soon. My husband, Henok, and I are very grateful.

As the College has done for me, I pray to God and request the College’s leaders to keep giving such opportunities for other young girls like me, so that they will be nurtured by the word of God to be a wife, mom, and a leader.  May God bless MK College!