Nyangore Christopher killing the weeds!
Nyangore Christopher killing the weeds!

The four Kenyan students, stranded alone on campus, have been able to continue their education both formally and informally. Mainly, they are being taught via internet, through zoom and sometimes having an official meeting for discussion and lecturing. They are expecting to complete their semester’s work by the end of June after which they hope to return to their homes in Kenya, if the border opens.

While these Kenyans are studying, they are also contributing to the food supply by working in the College garden.

My name is Eden Maru. I am a private student in my 4th year. My church is Gelgela International. I am taking two emphasis here in Meserete Kristos College: Community Development and Leadership/Management. 

The teaching and learning process of our school is very good. Our instructors have a thorough knowledge of their subject content and skills. And they strive to motivate and engage their students in the teaching and learning process; they believe every student is capable of achieving success at school, and they do all they can to find ways for each student to succeed.   

I am lucky to be in this college, because it is established upon certain values with committed and sincere instructors. I gain knowledge & clarity of who God is, the ability to interpret the Bible in a right or proper way, and a clear understanding of my environment. It also leads me to form good habits, attitudes, values and perceptions towards life.       

Finally, I would like to thank the Almighty GOD for all the things He has done for me, and thanks to my beloved mom, Mrs. Tigist Abebe, for making me strong in every situation of my life. And also I would like to thank my instructors, friends and all the school community. Especially I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for Instructor Girma Teklu for his life-time of quality teaching! Thank You!